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Color is the most exciting tool in art and design. Simply put: it brings beauty into the world. Color successfully creates atmosphere and evokes feeling; inspiring our lives.

The same space can become rich and elegant, cozy and intimate, or cool and spacious, based upon the use of color in its design. This is an important consideration in both, new construction or remodeling and upgrading already painted home.

Basic color theory is illustrated with a color wheel. the wheel shows how colors are related to each other. They are classified as primary, secondary and tertiary.

Red, yellow and blue are primary colors. To create secondary colors you would combine two primary colors together. Tertiary colors results from mixing a primary with a secondary color.

Colors can be also described as either warm or cool. Variations of red, orange, yellow and brown fits into the first category, while variations of green, blue and purple are considered to be in the second group.

Another group of colors are neutrals including tints, tones and shades. These are made by mixing the primary and secondary colors with white, gray or black, respectively.
There are two more, also important attributes of color. Value- lightness or darkness of color achieved by adding white or black to a color; and Saturation- intensity of the color which is determined by how much gray is added to the color.

All of those possibilities open the door of imagination in terms of color creation. It is understandable why many people feel overwhelmed with process of choosing paint colors for their homes. Free color consultation as a part of my services will help to understand the practical use of color in interiors.