Town Decor

Services : Faux Finishes 

In addition to the process of painting interiors with solid colors I also provide a service of advanced painting techniques commonly known as faux finishing.

It can be used anytime when you want to add creativity and self-expression to your decorating project. With the right tools and extensive practice I master these effects and use my imagination to expand and adapt them to make my own custom finishes.

I can combine finishes into one design to add new life to a classic technique. Samples of that work can be found under Faux Finish section of the portfolio.

There are two categories within decorative painting that are worth mention: textured surfaces and pattern. Texture will affect the way a color is seen because material absorbs and reflects light. Venetian plaster and stucco are the best examples of this.

Pattern in the other hand, can help add movement to a scheme and often is used to change impression of the space dimensions in height or length. Also, this is a practical choice to hide marks on high use surfaces.