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Services : Interior Paint 

A new color can dramatically change a room or entire home. You can create the atmosphere based on your expectations of the space.

There are three main color schemes : monochromatic (single-color), analogous (related) that is more adventurous and stimulating, and complementary (the opposite colors on the color wheel) that is striking and sophisticated. It can change through use of pure, tinted or shaded colors within the scheme.

It is important to remember that color is always in relation to its surroundings therefore floor, window treatment and furniture should be taken to consideration when deciding of the colors.

Light is another important factor that affects the way a color looks in an interior. The same color will look different in direct sunlight that under artificial light. What that means is that selecting colors can be tricky and the best way to do it is to make the selection in the actual space where color will appear. It also helps to realize how much time you will spend in the space during the certain times of the day.


In the portfolio I selected an examples of certain jobs with brief descriptions of the basic ideas and my approach to them. On some jobs you will see the name of the designer or my colleague with whom I paired to perform the job.