Town Decor

Interior Paint

West Town House
Several rooms connected by archways are painted three different shades from the same color family with contrasting trim and window openings. Custom high gloss ebony and mahogany stained floor offset the light walls in the center space. Darker wall color in dining area offsets the light carpeting.


West Town II
A single color makes a room look simple and straightforward. Here, the green color is soothing and invigorating at the same time; and works beautiful with dark, charcoal sofas. Deep brown walls in dining room are contrasted by white woodwork and light carpet but reinforced by the brown tones of the dark wood table. In the bedroom, bright but toned blue with white trim looks fresh and cheerful.


Oakbrook Baby Bathroom
This bathroom was built for use by my clients' children. I developed a color palette within the room by working closely with the owners to create a playful, colorful, inviting atmosphere and dynamic design.


Lake Street Loft
In this new loft construction, open plan architecture is highlighted in different tones to bring greater intimacy to different parts of the space. It also indicates nicely different function of certain part within the open space.


Lake Street II
To expose and establish clear division of the living space and kitchen, I chose a darker shade of the same color to fill the kitchen section of the apartment. Dark green also complements light kitchen cabinets which are now framed within the back wall and stands out as an architectural segment.


Edgebrook Dental Office
12 rooms with different colors in a consistent palette. This client wanted to bring some elements of warmth and comfort to the traditionally sterile dental office. He gave me the opportunity to chose lively colors that convey a more welcoming and unique environment.



Rogers Park Loft
Rough concrete ceilings are compensated by warm colors throughout the apartment with strong accents in the kitchen area- deep blue back-walls in the niches above the fridge and the C-shaped element around the countertop of island.


Glenview House
I chose muted and tinted green colors for the major spaces of this house and mostly complementary colors along with few accents in smaller rooms. Main theme of greens gently changes throughout the house while a dark brown accent wall in the living room brings out the shape of the stone fireplace and give this open space just enough interest. Green on the main walls complements custom painted kitchen cabinets. In dining room i painted the lower wall in dark green to emphasize the white wooden panels while the upper part is light to give a sense of height and balance.


Faux Finishes

Wilmette Kitchen
Ragging technique is a simple and effective way to transform any space into unique and attractive place. For this kitchen I chose the lemon yellow that is stimulating and energizing since the kitchen is the main room for the children during the day.


Dearborn Tower Loft
This is a great example how color can change perception of a living space. By comparing "before" and "after" pictures you can almost feel upgrade of that loft. Rag off effect on the column transforms it into an architectural feature and central element of this apartment.


Dearborn Tower II Loft
Here is an example of improvement done by adding a faux finish effect to the space. Here I used a frottage technique to create a dramatic atmosphere. The final effect is softened by under-painting in warm tones and choosing a muted top-color.


Trevia Restaurant
We used a scumbling painting technique to create textural geometric patterns that mimic the look of wall-covering. We customized the pattern, as shown in the diamond design on the pictures. For a look that is classic and rich yet not overdone we chose two related colors. In collaboration with Steven Thompson.


Highland Park Powder Room
I divided each wall of this powder room into four squares to add more interesting effect to the standard linen technique. Red-orange color is sharp and sophisticated. Horizontal and vertical strips in each square are slightly staggered in relation to the neighboring ones.


Wicker Park Bedroom
With tissue paper technique that has a strong texture and use of bold orange colors, this plain and big bedroom became a strong statement of individuality. Filled with a warm, soft atmosphere of coziness it is now the perfect retreat for the end of the day.


Lakeview Fireplace
Intended to be a focal point and separation between two parts of the house the fireplace wall was covered in rag-off technique using darker tones of the wall color. The size of the fireplace commands attention focus. The use of toned-down yellow blends it into its surroundings.


Lakeview Nursery
Muted yellow is restful and has enough warmth for this room. Golden, faux finished walls give this nursery character. While the walls appear playful, the overall feeling stays quiet and relaxed.


Oak Brook Hallway
Rag-off finish created on walls throughout the hallway, gives the space a golden glow. Earthy, dulled-down yellow works here as a neutral. Space feels natural and classy with enough light and brightness without being harsh.
Gold Coast Hallway
Rag-on finish is very effective in achieving uncomplicated but bold effect. Here, heavy application makes the space look luxurious and warming at the same time.

Specialty / Other Projects

Antique Fireplace
This distressed finish gives the fireplace an antique character. Adding gold elements to the finish gives it an elegant feeling and a touch of luxury that can work with traditional interiors or as a classical feature. Design: Sally Elstad.


Crackle Fireplace
This technique reproduces the effect of old crackled paint. The effect and vibrant choice of color brings the fireplace into focus as an architectural feature within the room.


Green Powder Room
Bold, abstract pattern of design revolutionize this powder room. Green variations adds a natural balance to strong design and at the same time create unique personal statement. This idea is repeated on kitchen's island. Design: Jerry Rogowski.


Metal Console
This steel console was found in thrift store and covered in old paint and rust. After stripping the debris I created distressed finish using metallic patina paint to achieve what would occur naturally over a matter of time. Design: Sally Elstad.




Fulton Market
In this loft, the column is covered with vinyl leather. The texture of the material is strong and it changed an undesirable structural element in the middle of the loft into most noticed element of the overall design in this space. Notice the dark ceiling making the space look bigger. Design: Sally Elstad.


Lakeview Porch
Repainting whole house would have been very costly and since the really worn out part was an entry porch, attention was put on that part of the house alone. After stripping the peeling paint and doing all necessary prep work, I painted the porch in off-white with strong blue accents. This combination is very crisp and clean.


This pattern adds a lot of interests to the bedroom. Well organize yet playful with a selection of saturated colors brings a positive feeling to the space. Design: R.K.

The series of canvas were painted for Roosevelt University's Jazz ensemble showcase at the Auditorium Theatre. Jazz from swing through avant-garde was surrounded by the images that reflected the music history. Design: Margaret Goddard-Knop

Roscoe Village
This design brings a touch of fun to the room and works well with color scheme on the bedding. Simplicity of lines and volume of entire wall is not overwhelming yet very attractive in modestly sized room. Design: R.K.

Old Town
Created for the teenage baseball fan, the lines and colors in this design borrows from logo of Chicago Cubs.

Old Irving Park
Inspired by Disney's "Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh" the landscape recreates similar atmosphere of sunny and peaceful country site in this room. Design: Jerry Rogowski.

Lincoln Park
Based on design provided by Elstad Interiors, I built 34 frames with mirrors that were assembled into 17 units to cover existing fire boxes on 17 floors of the condominium building. Each unit is mounted on hardware allowing both pieces to slide open to give an access to the fire hose. Face of the piece is covered in faux painting with combined silver and gold paint, while trim is black to enhance the perimeter of the outer and inner square.

The globe is made from aluminum. It is placed in "A World of Gardens" in California. Countries painted in different colors on the strip of green represents regions from which the plants are in display. Design: Giant Globes.

Lincoln Park
The idea behind the design of this entry hallway was to unify the space by creating a very strong pattern with rugged finish. Notice that the door almost disappeared. The color scheme contributes greatly to the bold image of this space. Design: Jerry Rogowski.

Old Irving Park
Cartoon-like simplicity of the image creates positive and uplifting atmosphere.